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About Invisalign


We are a certified Invisalign provider!

Invisalign is a way to correct your teeth without anyone knowing you’re wearing braces. A series of clear aligners are created from smooth, invisible plastic just for you. They slowly move your teeth with gentle pressure and are replaced every two weeks.

How do I wear my aligners?

You should wear your aligners from 20 to 22 hours a day. You should remove them every time you eat, drink, brush and floss to ensure nothing is trapped within the tray.

What are the benefits?

Many people choose Invisalign because no one can tell you are straightening your teeth. The plastic is not only clear, but comfortable. You do not have to worry about the discomfort that may be associated with the metal and wires that comes with traditional braces. This also means that eating and cleaning your teeth will be easier, as it is less likely for food to become trapped. You also change your trays on your own, which means you spend less time at the doctor because you are not having wires tightened and adjusted.

How does Invisalign work?

Dr. Turner will take 3D x-rays of your teeth to help map out the process of your teeth movement. From here, he can give you a plan of how your teeth will move and projected time frame. Each tray is designed to be slightly smaller than the last, so your teeth are moved through controlled force. The aligners also control the timing of teeth movement because only certain teeth are moved through each transition.

Is Invisalign popular?

Currently, Invisalign treats around 3 million people around the world and has a 95% satisfaction rate!